Health Insurance
People never want to fall ill but the medical emergency is unpredictable. It can strike anybody anytime. The expense of medical emergencies is soaring and can burn your life savings.
Health Insurance will protect you and your family against any financial contingency arising due to a healthcare emergency.
A Health Insurance Policy would normally cover medical expenses due to accidents or illness, Hospital room charges, ambulance charges, Day-care treatment charges, domiciliary treatment, doctor fees, medicines and pre & post hospitalization medical expenses.
It is possible to cover your all family members under one single health insurance policy for the combined sum insured. This policy is known as the Floater policy. Floater policy has cost advantages over individual mediclaim policies and has benefits such as utilizing the entire cover for the medical treatment of a single-family member.
We provide health insurance policies to individuals and individuals families.
We also provide group health insurance policies to various groups and corporates.